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Our obligation and our main concern is that the information given on the website regarding the quality, quantity, main characteristics and prices of the products is absolutely accurate.

However, on your computer screen some products may appear slightly different in size, colour and texture to the actual product.

The prices listed in the relevant catalogues next to each product include VAT.

These prices refer to the quantities that are available, while reserves the right to modify the description and prices of its products without prior notice, but is committed to fulfilling your order to send the products ordered with the characteristics and prices posted on its website at the time of ordering.

  1. Every online purchase through the website can be made with the selection of the way of payment from the buyer by credit or debit card. We accept VISA and MASTERCARD debit payments.

    You can shop online with confidence from, knowing that transactions are protected by the highest level of security through the secure and controlled environment and in real time from Alpha Bank. The transaction is made between the buyer and is received by though Alpha Bank.

    Vamtoys has no authorisation and access into the private records and information of your credit/debit card and your information is not saved.

    In the case where the buyer who makes the transaction is not the same person as the owner of the debit card, Vamtoys brings no responsibility and can not make any refunds.

    1. Paypal

    Paypal gives you the opportunity to make a direct payment and decodes instantly your private data with the best technologies in the market.

    1. Cash on Delivery (COD)

    Make payment for your purchase to the courier employee upon delivery with an added cost of 2€ for the COD. Applies only to orders shipped within the country of Greece.

    1. Bank Deposit

    If you choose the Bank Deposit option please contact us to secure your order.

    Telephone: 2414-003020, Email: [email protected]

    It must be indicated with your name and surname or your purchase order number in the description box of the Bank Deposit Statement when making the payment and send us a copy.

    Your deposit can be made within two business days after completing your order. If payment is not made within this time frame, the order will be cancelled.

    Transaction costs are paid by the recipient.


  • Αποστολή Παραγγελίας

Τα προϊόντα αποστέλλονται αυθημερόν ή το αργότερο την επόμενη      εργάσιμη ημέρα και παραδίδονται  με ασφάλεια στη διεύθυνση που θα  ορίσετε.

  • Τρόποι Αποστολής

Οι παραδόσεις εκτελούνται με συνεργαζόμεμες εταιρίες courier κατά επιλογή του Vam Toys.

  • Κόστος Μεταφορικών

Για αποστολή προς χερσαίους προορισμούς με παράδοση σε 24 έως 48 ώρες, η χρέωση διαμορφώνεται στα 3,50€ μέχρι τα 2 κιλά βάρους. Για κάθε επιπλέον κιλό, η χρέωση ανέρχεται σε 0.80€.

Για αποστολή προς νησιώτικους προορισμούς με παράδοση σε 48 έως 72 ώρες, η χρέωση διαμορφώνεται στα 3,50€ μέχρι τα 2 κιλά βάρους. Για κάθε επιπλέον κιλό, η χρέωση ανέρχεται σε 0,80€.

Σε περίπτωση που επιλέξετε τρόπο πληρωμής την αντικαταβολή αυτήν έχει χρέωση 2€.

Σε περίπτωση αγοράς πολλαπλών τεμαχίων ή τεμαχίου μεγάλου όγκου τα μεταφορικά χρεώνονται αυτόματα με βάση την ογκομέτρηση του τελικού δέματος και όχι το πραγματικό του βάρος.

  • Παραλαβή από το κατάστημα

Σε όλα μας τα προϊόντα υπάρχει η δυνατότητα παραλαβής από το κατάστημα δωρεάν.
Σημείωση: Παρακαλούμε προσέλθετε στο κατάστημα μόλις σας ενημερώσουμε ότι είναι έτοιμη η παραγγελία σας.

  • Δωρεάν Μεταφορικά

Για παραγγελίες άνω των 70€ η αποστολή είναι δωρεάν για δέματα μέχρι 2 κιλά.

Η χρέωση των μεταφορικών υπολογίζεται και προτείνεται στη φόρμα παραγγελίας.

  • Καθυστέρηση Παραγγελίας

Η δεν αναγνωρίζει την ύπαρξη οποιασδήποτε ευθύνης σε περίπτωση καθυστέρησης στην παράδοση λόγω ακραίων καιρικών φαινομένων, απεργιών και ανωτέρας βίας οπότε και η παραπάνω προθεσμία παράδοσης θα παρατείνεται όσο διαρκεί ο λόγος της καθυστέρησης.

When you place your order through the Vamtoys website (, you have the option to cancel your order by pressing the button “cancel” while still being on the website and the order is cancelled instantly.

Our shop’s goal is to secure our customer’s satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not pleased with a product, you can return the product you have ordered within 14 days from the day you have received the product.


The products you wish to return must be in excellent condition and the package closed. You agree to maintain the products condition from the moment they are delivered to you until you deliver them at the Vamtoys store.In case you open the product package, make sure to return it in excellent condition along with all its parts and with the receipt of purchase or the invoice.
To request a return you must contact Vamtoys through an email at [email protected] and follow the instructions given and receive the specific return code for your product.


If the product replacement is not available, you have the right to request a full refund and the amount will be returned to you in cash or the amount of your product’s value will be placed in your bank account and can be used again for a future purchase.


In case of the return of a defective product, the return fee lays upon the client, but the cost of delivery for the replacement product falls on Vamtoys.

In case of a defective or damaged product, Vamtoys will try to ensure the replacement with an exact same product, without any further charge. To request a return you must contact Vamtoys through an email at [email protected] and follow the instructions given and receive the specific return code for your product. If the product replacement is not available, we can replace it with another equivalent product upon agreement with the client or request a refund. has no guarantee policy. We are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by use, misuse, or any damage caused while opening the package.

For any return, you must fill out the specific return form which can be found in Vamtoys website.

For all the products that are included in the Vamtoys catalogues there will be explicit indications for their availability in the Vamtoy’s storage. The transaction will be considered completed only after the receipt of the online written confirmation. In the case in which an order can not be held, Vamtoys has the right to withdraw and not complete. In circumstances in which the payment has been made, Vamtoys has the responsibility to return the amount in your bank account.

The links in this website are not informed by Vamtoys and consequently our Company bears no responsibility for its contents, any changes or updates have been made. provides customers with the ability to choose how they want to be informed about new products that are available in the market, offers, payment options etc. by using advertising- informative messages that are sent in the customers’ email address, mailing address or through telephone calls. will not use this service to customers that have requested its termination.

Personal information (such as name, email address, mailing address etc.) and transaction information of our clients are confidential information, as in our actual transactions while being in the store. Personal information that is disclosed with your subsciption as a member of our website is used solely for transaction purposes.

Vamtoys offers the highest level of security in transactions by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, one of the most reliable technologies used worldwide for the security of the online transactions.

For your secure access to the e-shop of our Company, you use two identification codes, your access code (personal email address) and your secret personal security code (personal password). Our company offers you the ability to alter your secret personal security code (personal password) as often as you wish and we would recommend you, for security purposes, to change your password regularly and avoid using the same passwords.

All rights to modify or renew the Terms and Conditions of Transactions are reserved by All the transactions that are related to the use of the Vamtoys website ( fall under the jurisdiction of the Ιnternational Law and Law of the European Union regarding e-commerce regulations and the Law of Consumer Protection (N.2251/1994) regarding distance selling. Any dispute related to the use of the Vamtoys website shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts and in particular under the jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki, as per the applicable Greek law.

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